Getting cheap or free food in Norway

In this post, I am going to present some options to get food cheap or free. In addition to going to the grocery store Meny and try all the free samples. Many other methods might fill your belly even more. Before I would recommend two good investments: Freezer – This will allow you to cook a... Continue Reading → – The place to buy anything

I would like you to show one of my best websites for a cheap life in Norway: Here you can rent/buy a house, buy almost anything new or second handed, donate your cat and even find a lover - And I am just getting started. I have found really high-quality outdoor clothing and camping... Continue Reading →

Picking and catching your own food

There is something special about eating self-caught and self-picked food. Somehow, I feel that it tastes better, and my wallet simply loves it. Harvesting food from nature can be a quite fun and social hobby, and in this post,  I will give you an overview of the different types of activities and where to find... Continue Reading →

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