The Right to Roam the Norwegian Nature

I would like to tell you about one Norwegian law, maybe it is even my favourite law here in Norway. It is called “Allemannsretten” or in English “Right to roam“. This law gives all people the right to walk in nature as much as they want, and wherever they want with a few exceptions. This means that you are free to travel to any fjord, forest or mountain!

Amazing! Right? And it gets even better.

The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) have made together with a bunch of volunteers an encyclopaedia of all hikes in Norway. It is called UT, and you find it also as an app. DNT also has a lot of manned and unmanned cabins in the mountains you can visit. It is very popular to walk from cabin to cabin over the mountains. Most of the organisation is drifted by volunteers, and therefore the prices are quite affordable. Visit DNT for more information.

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